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Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Has Everything: Graffiti Bags

Black holdall with yellow graffiti text standing next to a white brick wall

Is your mum, girlfriend or sister the kind of woman who has everything? Does she buy every new kitchen, homeware and beauty product that comes on the market? Is her wardrobe filled with clothes, shoes and handbags in every colour, print and material? Then you need some creative gift ideas for the next time you need to buy her a gift! And Bags of Love can help you with that. Our range of graffiti print bags are perfect solutions for the woman who has it all! You personalise the bags by choosing a bit of text to go on the bag in one of our vibrant colours (pink, orange, red, green, yellow or white). For the greatest effect choose 4 to 8 words, so names are ideal.

Modern graffiti print has its roots in New York city where spraying text or drawings on walls became part of the hip hop culture in the 1980’s. Graffiti was used to express political messages and mark territories by using a “tag” by New York gangs. Some people see Graffiti as vandalism and some call it art. During the 2000’s Graffiti style drawing became part of popular culture and used by real artists and designers. In 2001 French fashion house Louis Vuitton did a collaboration with designers Stephen Sprouse and Marc Jacobs who did the graffiti printed handbag and accessories. The graffiti print bags became a huge success worldwide and the bags are collector’s pieces even today.

Our graffiti printed handbag, holdalls and make-up bags are splendid creative gift ideas for a woman who thinks she has everything. The personalised funky bags will make her surprised; she may even be a fan of the expensive Louis Vuitton bags so this will be a great alternative! She can carry around a modern, quirky bag with her name on it in coloured Graffiti letters. Totally personalised and hip! What more could she possibly want?

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