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Gift Ideas – A Filmstrip Montage

Two family photos on sepia filmstrip montage

Bags Of Love have all the gift ideas you need. Is your boyfriend a massive film fan? Has he seen Star Wars and The Lord Of The Rings about a million times? Then how about turning images from his favuorite films into a panoramic filmstrip montage? If you are looking for gift ideas for your boyfriend this is a marvellous choice.

Or maybe your sister thinks she’s a Hollywood star as you’ve seen her posing in her room secretly? Tease her and give her a filmstrip montage featuring pictures of her posing, like she’s a movie star in a film! The filmstrip montage on photo canvas make stunningly creative gift ideas and gift ideas. If you need gift ideas because it’s her birthday coming up then why not choose about five photos showing her life from child to woman. She will surely get emotional!

Our filmstrip montage allows you to choose between two to seven photos to be printed on this quirky photo canvas with a negatives border. Have the pictures and frame in colour, black and white or sepia (picture above). Below is a price guide:

60 x 30cm 2 images £59
90 x 30cm 3 images £79
110 x 30cm 4 images £99
150 x 30cm 5 images £129
200 x 30cm deep frame 7 images £224

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