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Filmstrip Montage On Photo Canvas

Canvas print with filmstrip montage frame displayed two childrenThere are many ways to use photo canvas and digital photo reproductions to decorate your walls. This is because high quality items like those offered by Bags of Love are more reminiscent of wall art than they are of a family photograph or a framed photograph. The photo canvas, in particular, is particularly high quality and looks stunning because it uses genuine, woven canvas and a gallery grade picture frame in its creation.

A filmstrip montage is even more unique but equally high quality. It is a fun way to display anywhere from two to seven different photographs in a unique style that can be hung from the wall in any room. The size of the filmstrip montage essentially determines the number of images that would prove ideal. Regardless of the size that you choose, the filmstrip montage is printed in a panoramic filmstrip style on to high quality woven photo canvas.

The materials used are of the greatest possible standard to ensure that the images look their best and last a lifetime rather than a few months. The frame is gallery grade and made from pine using spacers where appropriate to fully ensure that the finished canvas does not scratch and the image can continue to look its best throughout its life.

You can choose 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 images to be printed onto the filmstrip montage and you can choose the series in which they will appear with the first image on the left being number 1 and each one increasing to the right. In order to ensure that you upload all the images in the appropriate order you are able to make changes and save those changes, and we will always send a proof by email before we go to print so that you can make one final check to see that it will look exactly how you envisaged. Filmstrip montage photo canvases are unique, great looking, fun and of high quality.

filmstrip montage close up

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