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Fan Experience: Graffiti Handbag

On her blog, Caryl from Illinois in America shared her excitement about our personalised graffiti handbags. She ordered the handbag while in London and choose the words London, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge to honour her visit to the capital. She says,

when the bag arrived, I was thrilled! It was MORE than I expected! It’s got lovely handles, pockets, little metal feet on the bottom…. You should check out their website… They’ve got some AWESOME products

Thank you Caryl for giving us such positive feedback about the handbag! We are more than pleased to hear that you like the bag and that you would recommend us to your readers. Here is a picture Caryl took of her beloved bag, it looks fabulous Caryl!

Black handbag with white graffiti words on a table next to flowers and painting

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