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Does The Perfect Picnic Exist? The Different Levels Of Picnicking

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Now that the sun has decided to come out of hiding. It is time for my favourite pastime: picnics! Picnic season has to be one of my all-time favourite activities. For some, the perfect picnic may not exist, but in my eyes, every picnic is perfect simply because it is a picnic. The joy that a good basket and snack collection brings me is unmatched. You see I love the number of different forms picnics can come in. 

There’s the…

The Spontaneous Picnic  

The spontaneous picnic is when you are out and about and want to grab a bite to eat, but don’t want to sit down in a stuffy restaurant or café. So, you buy your random assortment of food and head to any patch of green and take a seat. Wholesome and affordable, what more could you want.

The Basic Picnic 

This picnic consists of a well-loved blanket and a meal deal for each person. Cheap and cheerful, just what you need. Eating in nature is a great way to disconnect from the craziness, and ground yourself. A time to really enjoy your food and the company around you.

The perfect picnic

The Classy Picnic 

For a picnic to qualify under this category said picnic must have the classic picnic set. This includes the wooden basket equipped with mini utensils, cups, plates and a thermos. All matching of course! If you do not have these exact items then your picnic does not fall under this category. The sandwiches are neat and small and the crust is sliced away, even though that is arguably the best part. All the food seems to be miniature so do not arrive ravenous. This type of picnic is like a budget afternoon tea in your local park.  

The Insta Worthy Picnic 

This is the highest level of picnic goals you can achieve. For this to be executed perfectly a lot of planning needs to take place. The perfect picnic blanket is what makes the ultimate foundation for your picnic. Then you must have photogenic food. This is not the place for your home cooking that you promise taste better than it looks, that is not going to cut it. Fresh fruit, vegetables, pastries and beautiful cakes are what this picnic needs. The more vibrant and colourful the food is the better.  The cutlery is extravagant, the glasses are real glass, and not a plastic utensil is in sight. It is all about the look, so corners can not be cut. So grab a bottle of wine and get your best clothes on as you dazzle onlookers with your perfect picnic.

The perfect picnic

When The Perfect Picnic Takes A Turn

What is not so ideal about picnics is that they are in nature. And as we know nature can be very unpredictable. From a swarm of insects, mischievous dogs, brave pigeons and brutal winds, the reality of a picnic must take into account a variety of elements and external forces. Personally, a rouge pigeon eyeing up my food and waddling disturbingly close is all it takes to put me on edge. You clap, stomp your feet, and attempt to shew them away yet they stand beady-eyed and unmoving. I would admire their commitment and bravery if I wasn’t so utterly terrified of them.  

Have Your Own Perfect Picnic

Now you are familiar with the different types and levels of a picnic it is time to have your own wholesome day out. The foundation to the perfect picnic starts with the blanket. Whether it is a basic or classy picnic you want to make sure that you are comfortable on a clean surface. The blanket sets the tone for the whole picnic and creates the perfect backdrop. So if you are tired of bland boring blankets and want to create your own stunning backdrop, we have just the thing for you. CLICK HERE to create your own personalised picnic blanket or HERE to shop our range of personalised blankets. Make your perfect picnic personalised to you!

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