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2nd Anniversary Gifts For Husband

Wedding photo on a banksy style canvas print

No Ideas For 2nd Anniversary Gifts?

Your second anniversary has arrived and you’ve probably figured out a thing or two about marriage but anniversary gifts might still be a big question mark. Especially if you are a woman buying 2nd anniversary gifts for husband. There are so many anniversary gifts ideas for women but unfortunately not that many 2nd anniversary gifts for husband. When you are totally clueless about what 2nd anniversary gifts to get for your husband opt for the traditional theme which is cotton.

Canvas Prints 2nd Anniversary Gifts

Clever cotton gifts are gifts which contains cotton but have a higher purpose than a tea towel. Our canvas prints are brilliant 2nd anniversary gifts as they are made from a cotton blend canvas stretched over wooden frames. Canvas prints are very popular anniversary gifts in general but as they can be classified as cotton gifts they make truly superb 2nd anniversary gifts. Canvas prints will be appreciated by your husband as they will brighten up your home interior.

Canvas Prints Treatments

Single photos on canvas prints work perfectly as 2nd anniversary gifts for husband but you can also make changes to the photos. Artwork services amongst Pop Art treatments are great extras for canvas prints. Add Banksy treatments to photos from your wedding day to create unique canvas prints 2nd anniversary gifts for the hubby. The colour splash is another great treatment for wedding canvas prints. Have simply you and your husband in colour and the rest of the image in black and white to show him that it’s all about the two of you.

Folding Deckchairs And Stools

Other fantastic 2nd anniversary gifts from cotton blend materials are our deckchairs and folding stools. These flexible outdoor seating items are great for summer picnics, barbeques in the garden and summer events such as sporting and charity events. The deckchair comes in two sizes, a single chair – for him only – or a double seated chair which is perfect for summer romance moments. The folding stool and deckchair can just like the canvas prints be personalised with standard photos as well as Pop Art treatments or even with text or graphics.

Man and woman kissing on the seat of a folding stool

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