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1st Anniversary Gifts – Paper

Two photo cover notebooks of couples

Traditional Yet Modern 1st Anniversary Gifts

It can be quite tricky buying a couple – or your husband or wife – wedding anniversary gifts for their 1st anniversary. A year has gone by since the wedding and the married couple are probably still pretty set with the wedding gifts they received by guests at the wedding. Creative 1st anniversary gifts are gifts which stick to the traditional theme yet have a modern touch. Personalised paper books are perfect as they fit the theme, display photos and are useful.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts With Photos

If you want to give 1st anniversary gifts which can display as many photos as possible go for photo albums or photo books. If you prefer to let the married couple to choose the wedding day photos themselves then just provide them with a beautiful empty photo album with a personalised cover and back. If you need wedding anniversary gifts for your partner then make them a photo book with photos printed straight onto a lovely book. This is a gem of a book which will be adored for years to come. You can add a photo book box to keep it super safe!

Notebook, Address book And Diary

Personalising everyday paper books like notebooks, address books and diaries with wedding photos is ideal for 1st anniversary gifts. You are sticking to the traditional paper theme yet are you giving the person useful wedding anniversary gifts which they can use in their busy day to day life. Tradition meets today! The personalised notebooks have a soft cover and blank pages perfect for making lists, writing poems or collecting thoughts. And the deluxe paper diary is perfect for staying organized and on top of errands and obligations.

Back and front of a wedding photo album

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