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Bags Of Love Quality

It’s no surprise that online retailer’s such as PhotoBox are trying to keep up with Bags Of Love by making similar products like our personalised make up and wash bags. After all we did introduce the idea and the designs to them. Only the quality falls and the replacement sizes are not comparable. The old saying rings true; original is best.

For example what Bags of Love call a makeup bag at [20 x 14 x 5cm] [8 x 5.5 x 2 inches] and sell for £35. PhotoBox sell what they call a photo make up bag much smaller and in fact tallies with our small pouch purse (£29). Their wash bags also falls short and is basically our makeup bag size.

Bags of Love take pride in our excellent finished products. The reason why they turn out brilliant is because we carry out all production in the UK right here in our London based studio by professionals. Digital printing with Bags of Love is never compromised.

Here’s what’s different apart from them being much much smaller:

– Less colour trim choices – they have 2 we have 4
– Zip Puller – where we have a Bags of Love heart – theirs is normal
– They take 21 Days – we take 3 to 5 days
– We print on HD Satin – they print on inferior canvas

If you want the best deal, the bigger size for the same money, a higher standard of print from one party who actually makes them on site and does not farm your photos out to somewhere else, use We beat other online retailers hands down every time for photo gifts and personalised gifts. Experience the best printing company online today and see the outstanding quality for yourself!

Silver heart on end of zipper on a pink make-up bag

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