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Get The Look – Taylor Swift

get the look taylor swift

Fancy getting a pop star look at a fraction of the price they would pay their stylist?

Well, at Bags of Love, now you can!

personalised bandeau top
Our Personalised Bandeau Top

When our team of in-house fashion designers came up with designs for a new personalised underwear collection, we were very excited to see a gorgeous customised boob tube top among the collection. Our team come up with fun designs to upload onto our personalised apparel, so we can take photos to showcase them on the website. One very savvy member of the Bags of Love team suddenly let our a squeal, when her eyes landed on a particular design.

Why? We hear you ask. Well, it just so happens that our Personalised Bandeau Tops were designed a few weeks ago and since then, a certain gorgeous pop star, Taylor Swift or Swifty to those who really love her, released her latest hit – Blank Space. In this amazing video, Swifty can be seen rocking several incredible looks, including couture dresses, vintage inspired outfits, incredible accessories and a rather hot temper! Among her gorgeous outfits is one, which bares a striking resemblance to one of our customised bandeau tops.

Judge for yourself! taylor1taylor swift

Now, does our designer just have an amazing eye when it comes to graphic prints, or is it just a fabulous coincidence that Taylor’s bandeau bikini top happens to be pretty much identical to ours? We like to think that Taylor spotted our custom printed crop top and demanded her stylish find something identical to wear. We don’t blame you Swifty, it is pretty gorgeous!

Either way, who cares! The point is, you too can rock this amazing look just like the gorgeous Taylor Swift, by designing your very own personalised bandeau bikini top. Opt for an eye-catching print, like good old Swifty, or upload photos and create a more personal design. Our bandeau crop top is fun and easy to design and we will print it and make it by hand for you, right here at Bags of Love HQ in London.

bandeau duo
Personalised Bandeau Top and Hot Pants

If you want to go one step further, why not create an entire look by designing the matching hot pants to go with your bandeau top? Our Personalised Hot Pants are sexy and stylish and make a great partner to the bandeau top. Have fun coming up with a matching or contrasting design and rock your bandeau top and hot pants as a sexy look for the summer, whether you are chilling out by the pool or making waves on the beach.

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Bags of Love x