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Custom Canvas – Great Back-to-School Gifts!

Stylish, elegant gift ideas

Do you have a son or daughter who is going back to school soon? It might be a new school, new university, or perhaps they have been there for donkey’s years! Why not treat them before they go back to gruelling hours of lessons, homework and studying with a cool and stylish custom canvas of their favourite family photos or snaps with their best friends?

Immortalise their precious memories with custom canvas

Your photos on canvas are custom made to order in London, so why not transform those precious moments into beautiful wall art to be displayed in their bedroom, hallway or bathroom? Custom canvas is a very creative and unique gift idea that is sure to bring a smile to your childrens’ faces, so what are you waiting for? For distinctive, imaginative gifts that won’t break the bank, look no further than custom canvas. We have a fantastic range of effects and styles for you to choose from, with pop arts, triptychs and multi panel installations easy to design and with quick delivery!

Brilliant back-to-school gift ideas

Why not give your photo the Banksy art graffiti treatment or perhaps the Andy Warhol Pop Art touch? Or why not go for a colour splash, where the majority of the image is in black and white but just the focal point (perhaps the person or the landmark in the shot) is in full colour? These gift ideas are great because they are timeless and will remain with your child for years to come, throughout their childhood and adult life.

Thoughtful Personalised Gifts

Your kids will really appreciate the thoughtfulness you have shown in picking out the right photo, dimensions and personalised effects. You could even use pictures of your family holidays, days out, trips to the park, or even funny shots of your pets!

So, for perfect back-to-school gift ideas, look no further than your very own photos. Create breathtaking custom canvas today.

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