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Birthday Gifts: Birthday Photo Canvases!

Canvas print with two tennagers and a birthday cake

A great way to surprise someone on their birthday with spectacular birthday gifts is to make photos of previous birthdays into photo canvases! Photo birthday gifts beat any other gift you may have had in mind as they are truly personal and individual. Perhaps last year you and your friends went on a 7 day party bender in Las Vegas, so why not put that on canvas? If you have to many photos to choose from a photo collage or filmstrip montage are good ideas. This way you create a birthday photo canvas.

Maybe your daughter looked adorable on her 10th birthday blowing out the candles on her cake, so you could turn that photo into a black and white photo canvas and give to her! Or did you bake an amazing cake for your friend two years ago and want her to remember what a great friend you are? Put it on a birthday photo canvas! Birthdays are special, so why not turn the memories of them into special birthday gifts for the next celebration. Photo birthday gifts featuring happy birthdays from the past, It doesn’t get any better than that!


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