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30th Birthday Presents

Small coloruful graphics on the cover of a laptop case

30th Birthday Presents For The Career Man or Woman

At the age of 30 many men and women often reach their career peak and are therefore very dedicated to their work. For the city slick career focused man or woman give 30th birthday presents which help them stay organised in their hectic lifestyles. Personalised laptop cases, Kindle cases and iPad cases are perfect for the urban 30-year old that commutes daily with their electrical gadgets. Canvas prints are also great 30th birthday presents for those with busy schedules, decorating the home isn’t a top priority so help them do it!

30th Birthday Presents For Home Lovers

For those 30-year olds who have started settling down and are moving into their dream home it is ideal to give them birthday presents for the home. They will absolutely love items from our designer bedding range as well as wall art such as canvas prints. You can turn images, patterns and photos into customised designer bedding pieces like duvet covers, bed sheets, cushions, pillow cases and blankets. Designer bedding items as 30th birthday presents are personal as well as helpful. Canvas prints displaying beautiful images or fun photos will also be highly appreciated by the home lover.

30th Birthday Presents For The New Parents

At the age of 30 it is likely that children have arrived onto the scene. So when buying 30th birthday presents for someone who just had a baby buy them birthday presents with a baby theme. Designer bedding baby items such as personalised sleeping bags and baby comfort blankets are super cute but also practical for the new parent. But you could also make designer bedding items for the parent but using baby photos like photo cushions for the living room. Canvas prints featuring baby photos are adorable and these are birthday presents which will last a lifetime – try photo montage canvas prints.

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