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Celebrate the 2018 FIFA World Cup with Bags of Love

2018 fifa world cup with bags of love

So, it’s that time again; World Cup time! The 2018 FIFA World Cup is the 21st World Cup Tournament, and love it or hate it, most people find themselves pulled into it one way or another! Whether you are an avid football fan, supporting your country, or just part of the office sweepstake, this major sporting event will be unavoidable until the final on the 15th July.

fifa 2018 world cup russia

Russia are hosting the first World Cup to be held in Eastern Europe, and for the first time in the history of the World Cup, all eligible nations entered the qualifying process. For context, that’s all 208 of the 209 FIFA member associations (Russia automatically qualified as they are the hosts). Whether you’re big into football or not, this one has a lot going for it!

Russia 2018 World Cup

We have some great 2018 FIFA World Cup gift ideas and souvenirs in our online World Cup shop for celebrating what is arguably the biggest major sporting event since the Olympics.

For the avid supporter

worl cup 2018 bucket hat
Be prepared for all weathers whilst watching the game with these World Cup bucket hats! Available with a wide or narrow brim.
Bucket hats are hugely popular at football events – we think it’s due to the combination of the shade it provides and the water-resistant qualities.

world cup 2018 bikini
world cup 2018 swim trunks
Personalised swimwear is all the rage right now, and why not? It is summer after all.
We don’t believe swimwear or football should be gender exclusive, and that includes football swimwear! We have both a bikini and swim shorts design in our online store.

World Cup 2018 Towel

If you’re going for a swim with your World Cup swimwear, make sure that you don’t forget your towel!
Available in kids sizes right up to a double-adult size. This microfibre towel has a terry towelling loop. Due to this it is lightweight and super-absorbent. This makes it perfect for taking with you for those World Cup pool parties with your friends.

World cup 2018 sports bags
World Cup 2018 Drawstring PE bagworld cup 2018 drawstring sports bag Our World Cup sports bags are perfect for keeping your swimming gear in one place. You could use it for a picnic in the park, or even a school or PE bag. For both the grown-up fans and the littlies this is a great 2018 FIFA World Cup souvenir.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

world cup 2018 builders mug
This World Cup inspired mug is great for those who want to get on the sporting memorabilia bandwagon, but don’t particularly want to go out donning the faces or colours of your favourite footballers.

world cup 2018 heat changing mug
If the World Cup mug’s modesty appeals to you, but you feel it’s missing that pizzazz, consider our Magic Mug.
What appears to be a plain black or blue mug, turns into this wonderfully colourful 2018 World Cup mug when it’s filled with a lovely hot brew.

world cup 2018 webbing belt
This webbing belt is a great way to publicly show you support the World Cup without going into full-blown-football-fan mode.
With a choice of a black or silver buckle, you can ensure it blends in seamlessly with your chosen look.

world cup 2018 pen torch
Perfect for a bit of sportsmanship when you are taking part in that friendly competition that is the office sweepstake. So many places have them and they can feel as competitive as the world cup itself at times.
Even if you’re not a huge World Cup fan, a little healthy competition and a good laugh is always a good thing to remember. These World Cup pens are a great way to do that.

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