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1st Anniversary Gifts

Paper is the 1st anniversary milestone and it symbolizes the strength in the paper which is built up by the paper’s individual threads. We have plenty of gift ideas for a 1st anniversary gift as many of our products are made from paper.

Photo Posters: put up  glossy high quality poster of those favourite pictures from your wedding day in your house or in your office and you will remember that special day every day.

Personalised Photo Boxes:  choose from three sizes of photo boxes and store anything you like in these hard wearing suede lined boxes.

Calendar: pick 12 pictures from the wedding day and remember your wedding day every month until the 2nd anniversary!

Photo Album:  if you need an album to put those pictures in this personalised photo album is a great gift, ready for guests to flip through!

Photo Book :  upload wedding photos stuck on your computer on our website and have them printed in this elegant photo book, a perfect piece in the living room.

Stationary:  a personalised journal, diary, address book or notebook is a fabulous way to incorporate the wedding day to your everyday life at work or at home.

Three wedding photo poster prints
Photo Posters

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