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Birthdays. A rare 24 hours where the spotlight is focused exclusively on you, but modestly, you accept this inevitability. (Who am I kidding? Every day in my house is a celebration of my sheer existence and fabulousness). So when someone forgets your birthday, it’s an awkward moment filled with different emotions. On the one hand, you’re mortified an event […]

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If you’ve landed here, then you’re most likely frantically searching the web trying to find something – anything! – that can be delivered in time for Valentine’s day. Well, clutch at straws no longer my fellow last minute friend. All the products in this valentine’s day gift ideas guide can either be delivered the next day, […]

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Yes, we know, everyday should be Valentine’s day because you’re meant to show your love every minute of every hour blah blah blah. But sometimes we forget to look lovingly into our partner’s eyes and declare our undying love. Why? Because it’s 8pm, there’s an interesting documentary on and quite frankly, reciting a Shakespearean sonnet […]