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St. David’s Day Celebrations

What is St. David’s Day?

The Welsh people today are proud to celebrate St. David’s Day. Also known as the feast day, it is a day Saint David, the patron Saint of Wales died, 1 March 589.

How to celebrate St. David’s Day?

There is more than one way to commemorate this special day.

Some people wear small daffodils and carry leeks, one of the many traditional ways to celebrate whereas others join parades across the country holding Wales national emblem wearing the Welsh national dress.

Cardiff is among the largest to honour St. David with large parades, concerts, food festival taking place across the entire city.


St. David’s Day Recipe

The traditional Welsh Cawl recipe made of bacon/lamb, cabbage and leeks is one of the popular dishes to pay tribute to this feast day and how about a personalised apron on this special day.

Happy St. David’s Day!!

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