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Spring is here

Yesterday was the first day of spring time and flowers of all kind have been spotted popping up all over London. Everyone has been noticing the blue skies and warmer temperatures that have recently headed our way. Tomorrow, the weather forecast says that it will be 18 degrees in London. Wow!  Here at Bags of Love HQ, we want to share some of our products that we think will be good for celebrating the end of this year’s seemingly long winter. It’s time to put the winter coats away and head outdoors for spring time

Spring gifts

For a nice afternoon picnic in the park at the weekend, why not bring along a Photo Heart Cushion with you? It is not merely a gift for Valentine’s Day, but it is good for relaxing with a book after eating, while taking advantage of the sunshine. This item is customized with your photo and text, so it could make a great spring gift for anyone special in your life, even your canine friend. A Personalised Apron would be a great spring gift for entertaining guests in the back garden for summer parties or barbeques (as it is right around the corner). You will be able to show off your loved ones and your favourite photos with your personalised apron, instead of using a boring one from the high street.  No matter what spring gift you choose, enjoy the spring weather and go outside and smell the spring flowers.

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