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Romance, Wealth, Tragedy; What’s In Store For You? Read Your Free Online Horoscope

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At Bags of Love, we have a keen interest in astrology; in particular, love horoscopes, star signs and basically just spending hours reading our daily horoscopes!

We figured, why read everyone else’s horoscopes, when we can do the work and create our very own? If you want to know what December has in store for you, if you will find love, passion, get that promotion, fall out with your sister or win the lottery, then read on, because you free December horoscope starts right now.

What Star Sign Am I?

Do you ever get asked; “Ooh, what’s your sign?” or hear “Oh, that is so typical of a Leo,” and not know what the heck they are talking about? Well, your star sign is one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac and you were born under one, depending on the date of your birth. Your star sign can say a lot about you as a person and can help guide your future. Before we give you your monthly horoscope reading for December, we will tell you a little bit about your sign, so you can at least know what you are talking about, the next time your sign gets brought up!

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom as we will have a “Best Gift For Your Star Sign” feature for the star sign of the month. So if you are looking to buy a gift for the Sagittarius in your life, we have got you covered! 

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac

aries star sign horoscope


March 21 – April 19 – the Ram – a fire sign, ruled by Mars

Full of life and filled with energy. Loves looking for a challenge. Full of vitality. Curious. Love competition. In to win. Likes being in control. Can be impatient and abrupt. Fire sign – warm, vital bright but can have a hot temper. Optimistic. Happy to work long hours. Live hard, work hard, play hard. Can seem selfish, stubborn and possessive.

Aries listen up – you will need to enlist your natural social charm and optimism to accomplish your goals in December. Your work life will be of the utmost importance and there will be good opportunities for business and career development, so make sure you are yourself and you can’t go wrong. You are also feeling rather spiritual this month Might fancy going on a retreat kind of trip. This would be great for your next progressive step…and it looks like romance is involved too!


taurus horoscope star sign

April 20 – May 20 – the Bull – an earth sign, ruled by Venus

Peaceful and methodical. Relaxed. Enjoys sex, food, drink and luxury. Work hard to obtain the best. Look for stability. Take their time with decisions. Solid and reputable by nature. Committed. Always finish what they start. Adaptable and adjustable. Loves to laugh and spend time with family. Can be bullish and stubborn. Needs to be the leader.

December is looking to be a fab month for you Taurus. All your planets are moving forward, which suggests great progression in all areas of your life. Push forward to achieve your goals, both in your career and your relationships. You will be able to pay off any debts this month, phew, and others will be financially generous towards you. You are also feeling frisky this month and your private love life will flourish, whether you are single or married. Have fun.


gemini star sign horoscope

May 21 – June 20 – the Twins – an air sign, ruled by Mercury

Doesn’t like to be alone. Happiest when they are sharing ideas and concepts. Communication is very important. Curious. They are people persons. Easy to talk with and socialise with. Adventurous. Love travelling. Light and airy personality, which draws people in. Loves intellectual stimulation. Love new experiences and people. Very creative and great entrepreneurs. Charming. Great sense of humour. Like to be the centre of attention. Can be unsympathetic and rude. Change jobs/partners out of boredom.

December is the month for you to focus on your career and let family and home life carry on as normal for a while. This is the month to aim and try to achieve your career goals, whatever they might be and progression should be quite quick so make sure you are ready! The work pace is frantic so keep a steady head and make sure you take care of yourself and don’t let your health slip. Everyone seems to love you this month (lucky you) and your relationships – both platonic and romantic – are thriving, so enjoy yourself.


cancer star sign horoscope

June 21 – July 22 – the Crab – a water sign, ruled by the moon

Loves home and family. Very dedicated and loyal. Strives to avoid fights and confrontation to achieve goals. Hold on to things that make them happy. Need to be needed. Need to know they are loved. Brave, courageous, protective. Shy, reserved, brooding and moody if needs aren’t met. Gentle and nurturing. Good listeners. Offbeat sense of humour. Good friends. Can be clingy and insecure.

Your home and family life is paramount in December and any career developments will be made to benefit your family and home. Because of this, you might be feeling quite a bit of extra pressure, which could affect your overall health. Just stop. Take a breath and accept any help and support offered to you. Your dedication, like a true Cancer, is admirable but just relax – all your hard work will be recognised so try not to be too hard on yourself.


leo horoscope star sign

July 23 – August 22 – the Lion – a fire sign, ruled by the sun

Proud. Regal. Relaxed. In charge. Likes the big picture. No patience for things that are complicated, involved, boring. Natural leaders. Loves to love and be loved. Needs to be adored. Warm and bright and pull people in. Honest. Decent. Love organisation. Love material goods and luxury. Accepting. Can be arrogant. Can be smothering. All about community and family.

Romance, parties and good vibes all round; December is a great month for you Leo. You are due for a month full of fun, for you and others you lucky thing. Your family life takes precedence this month, as you aim to achieve a harmonious home, as such, your career is fine to take a backseat for a bit. If you are single, watch out for some promising new romances on the horizon and if you are already in a relationship, now might be a time to start thinking about expanding the family, as Leo women are super fertile and frisky this month!


virgo horoscope star sign

August 23 – September 22 – the Maiden – an earth sign, ruled by Mercury

Cool and calm. Mild mannered. Flurry of activity underneath. Always thinking. Love nurturing and making something out of nothing. Very detail orientated. Don’t mind being alone but need to know they are needed and appreciated. Sympathetic listeners. There for people. Good nature means they can be taken advantage of. Are not loud or bossy. Brilliant strategists. Kind and patient. Love to laugh. Family orientated. Dedicated. Attentive to health and can be hypochondriacs. Can be judgemental and critical. Opinionated.

Are you planning on redecorating over December? If home renovations or moving house are on your mind, then this is the month to make it happen and make it successful. There might be a few family issues and dramas this month but if you keep your cool and calm head (typical of Virgos) then matters will resolve without any permanent damage. If you are pondering whether now is the time to start having babies, then go for it! December will bring feelings of being broody and loving so definitely get those wheels in motion.


libra horoscope star sign

September 23 – October 22 – the Scales – an air sign, ruled by Venus

Need balance in their life. Can seem wishy-washy when pushed to decide. Need to weigh up their options. Does not like to see people unhappy. Peace and harmony make Libra happy. Charming and people like to be around them. Unhappy if treated unfairly. Enjoys exercise that involves mental component like yoga. Passionate. Decision maker to benefit the most people. Self-sacrificing. Can seem absent-minded. Don’t like to be in charge but do like to be heard.

Oh Libra. Everyone wants a piece of you this month, work, friends, family, and you are being pulled in all directions. Just do what you do best and stay balanced and you should be able to please everyone and most importantly, yourself! Because of this, you are feeling quite delicate so ensure that the love and effort you are giving out is returned to you. Watch out for party season as you are in hot demand and you must make some tricky decisions as to which ones you have time to attend. You popular thing!


scorpio horoscope star sign

October 23 – Nov 21 – the Scorpion – a water sign, ruled by Pluto

Aggressive if provoked. Crave alone time and become annoyed if they don’t get it. Great secret keepers. Emotional. Happy to try their hand at things. Stand up for those who can’t. Curious about people. Extreme self-control. Disciplined. Protective. Need to be leader. Excel at problem solving. Vendetta. Can be pessimistic, suspicious, stubborn and paranoid.

This month is all about you being lovely and selfless. You want to make it special and help other people, possibly donate your time or volunteer. You’re craving to be surrounded by family and friends, even when they annoy you! Romantic relationships will flourish and be impulsive and fun and possibly a bit wild! You will have a great month at work, where your communication and productivity skills will excel and you will make some fab friends. It’s good to be a Scorpio in December!


saggitarius horoscope star sign

November 22 – December 21 – the Centaur – a fire sign, ruled by Jupiter

Love travelling. Discovering new things. Meeting new people. Learning new things. Crave freedom. Hate being tied down to routines. Restless. Love variety. Fun to be around. Question everything. Highly intelligent. Creative. Spiritual. Can be rude and uncooperative. Lack ability to follow through with plans. Get side-tracked.

It is time for you to chill out, rest and relax! You have been a very busy bee and moving at a very fast pace and December is a month for some serious down time, so just Netflix and chill please! Make sure you take some extra holiday time off over Christmas to recharge your batteries and catch up on me time. Try and spend as much time as possible with friends, family and the ones you love the most, as December is an awesome month for relationships.


capricorn horoscope star sign

December 22 – January 19 – the Goat – an earth sign, ruled by Saturn

Goal orientated. Driven to succeed. Work long and hard hours to achieve a goal. Self-disciplined and successful. Achievement is everything. Take life seriously. Natural born leaders. Guard their hearts. Logical. Family orientated. Dry sense of humour. Sarcastic. Can appear dull and emotionless on the surface. Can seem selfish and stingy. Less imaginative.

Ask for a camera for Christmas this year. December is a time for you to pick up a new creative hobby and photography or film making will be perfect for you. This new-found hobby could lead you to become more successful in your own business as December is also indicating that you have no signs of slowing down and are highly motivated. Make sure you also take lots of snaps of your family, especially your siblings, as this month, they will be even more important to you and you will see your relationship truly flourish.


aquarius star sign horoscope

January 20 – February 18 – Man carrying water – an air sign, ruled by Uranus

About Aquarius: Generous with time and resources. Humanitarian interests. Deep concern for welfare of others. Love connecting. Enjoys gadgets and tinkering with inventions. Not very emotional on the surface. Patient and tolerant. Make excellent teachers. Energetic and talented. Crave alone time to reflect. Can become dour, emotionless and depressed. Can be highly resentful if their voice isn’t heard.

You will look and feel great in December and your social life and career will be on a high. Go Aquarius! Although work will be kind of tough, you will be successful in tackling these kind of issues; just remember to be kind and sympathetic to those around you. If you embrace your innate empathetic nature, mere colleagues could become awesome friends. You might even discover a slightly more romantic relationship, so make sure you know what you are doing.


pisces star sign horoscope

February 19 – March 20 – the Fish – a water sign, ruled by Neptune

Daydreamers. Happy and vibrant. Deeply caring. Hate seeing others unhappy. Dedicated. Can be very religious. Can lead to intolerance and bigotry. Empathetic. Reach out to those less fortunate. Kind and caring. Feel everything deeply. Can be creative and imaginative. Can be a worrier. Do not do well as leaders but offer good support. Can be indecisive.

Keep working hard at work, no matter how difficult you are finding it, because it is starting to pay off and it will be noticed by those high up who matter. It may be causing you stress, work can do that, but that should all change after the 21st, so hang in there and don’t give up. Your Christmas break is right around the corner. Make sure you are kind to yourself as you could be feeling extra emotional and anxious this month, so ensure you are being kind to yourself.

Best Gifts For Sagittarius

personalised suitcase photo luggage

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