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Edge To Edge Printing With Bags Of Love

Most custom made photo gift companies that offer printing services online, don’t do edge to edge printing because they like the ease and low costs of printing “blanks” like an apron with and A4 print on the chest. That way they don’t have to make any real effort.

That’s not how we do things at Bags of Love though. We like to do it the hard way, by the proper way and print the item and then make it up. That means you get edge to edge printing! Basically you get more for your money!

We understand that when you come up with gift ideas from your photos you want them to look great and we go all the way to make sure your product is of the highest quality possible. Digital printing with Bags of Love is guaranteed to never be a disappointment.

Here are some examples of our edge to edge printing:

Wooden fold up chair with horse printed on seat

Inside of a photo handbag

Rectangular cushion with a photo montage printed on it

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