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It is not often that a simple phrase becomes a common spoken term. It might be that the ’Bags Of ….. ‘ term started off as ‘Ooh look at her she’s got bags of money, money bags’ etc or more likely to go back further in time as the famous nursery rhyme indicates.

“Bah Bah Black sheep have to any wool
Yes sir yes sir three bags full”

Who knows where these wonderful phrases originate from, but they form a valuable shortcut for us to understand things in simple language.

‘Bags of Energy’ often refers to children or sports people who have an endless supply of enthusiasm. ‘Bags of Ideas’ is about those who have creative notions pouring forth. ‘Bags of Love’ is a phrase for showing that there is an endless supply of ways to express love.

When you think of a catch phrase like Bags of Love it works well for things like gift ideas, loving messages, and happiness.

www.bagsoflove.co.uk is a place where we assemble and delivery those things for a growing audience of people who are seeing the value in sharing loving messages and loving gifts with for friends and family.

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