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Give Your Digital Photo The Best Treatment With Bags Of Love

A woman in a black dress

image after

Sadly many online photo printing companies will instantly have your digital photo sent off for production (often in Asia) without even consulting you about the image or do any necessary work on it. But when you upload your photo with Bags Of Love to go on our products, we make sure that you are fully aware of each step from the start and we will take care of your photo making sure the photo reproduction will look its very best. From the images above you can see for yourself how we can transform an old scratched photo to a stunning new one.

Other printing companies don’t have the energy to provide you with the best possible quality because they use mass production to make as much money as possible. Having all your products made in in Asia means that there is no time put into altering your digital photo before production. Bags of Love provided you with a retouching service free of charge that helps to improve the image to achieve great results. This includes red eye reduction, date stamp removal, dust and scratches reduction, and blemish removal.

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