We’ve been secretly working on a very special top secret project for the last few months and we are now very excited to be able to share it with you…at last! And it’s been rather tricky to keep this one quiet let me tell you…we’ve even had to make some of the team (with very big mouths) sign a contract promising not to tell!

A few months ago we were contacted by a very famous space programme (which begins with an N and rhymes wish smasa – to give you a clue) to see if we would be interested in possibly working with them to project our logo…wait for it…on the moon! Yes, we couldn’t believe it either. Assuming it was a wind up, we said no thanks, but then, the very nice man basically explained that he is a big fan of Bags of Love and that he has been buying our products as gifts for years! What a lovely chap.

He then said he wanted to approach us to see if we might be interested, as it is a new advertising initiative, which they have been working on for the last few years – for companies to have the chance to have their logo projected on the moon for the whole world (and maybe a few other world’s in the universe) to see. Those clever sciencey people have created a special satellite, which works like a cinema projector. What these people think up eh?

Well, once we heard that, we got so excited we started to jump around a little bit. Our clever development team and our very excited marketing team started making lots of phone calls to the big important space people, to make sure everything was perfect and that the logo looked just right. After lots of testing, the logo and the project is finally ready to go and Bags of Love will be intergalactic tonight!

We’re going to be having a little party tonight to celebrate, so make sure you cast your eyes skyward tonight and take a picture and tweet us using the hashtag: #bagsofloveonthemoon

Bags of Love x

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