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Boss’s Day


Who’d have thought it, a whole day dedicated to being the boss! Yes people, the 16th October is officially Boss’s Day.

If you are not a fan of your boss, then feel free to ignore this day. however, if you have a rather lovely boss, like we do at Bags of Love, then why not celebrate them today?

Let’s face it, bosses have a pretty tough time of it. They need to make all of the decisions, good and bad ones, they have to put up with all the niggles from their employees and really, they have to be the parents of a big business family. Not always fun or easy we are sure!

So if you can be a bit high maintenance, if your boss is one of those lovely gems who treats you well and fairly and pretty much if you think your boss is the bees knees then why not get him or her something nice to say thanks and that you appreciate them for all they do.

If you want a few ideas about what you can get your boss to say thanks, then check out our editor’s top picks below.

Personalised Leather Business Card Holder personalised-business-card-holder

Show your boss you mean business with our stylish and handy leather Personalised Business Card Holder. Perfect for keeping their business cards in perfect order, while showing off the company name and logo proudly. Ideal for business cards and credit cards, thus useful little leather card holder will make a perfect gift for your boss. We hand make each leather card holder by hand right here in our London headquarters.

Customised Photo Mug customised-builders-mug

Always a popular gift choice, our Personalised Photo Mug is the perfect partner for a cup of tea, which we guarantee your boss will treasure forever! Make sure no one else uses their mug by personalising it especially for them. Choose photos of your boss, their family, your work colleagues or make a fun and personal design to show how much you appreciate them. Fun and easy to design using our online design system.

Giant Personalised Greeting Card A3-personalised-card

Impress your boss and make their day with our Custom A3 Luxury Greeting Card. Printed on gorgeous, high quality cardboard with a fine satin fabric, your words and design will look simply stunning on this very special personalised card. Customise the front, back and two inside pages and place in in the hand made cream envelope. Our professional bookbinders will create your card right here in London.

Customised Glasses Pouch customised-glasses-pouch

If your boss sports a pair of specs, then why not treat them to their very own customised glasses pouch? Your boss can protect their specs while showing off their favourite photos with this sleek and protective customised glasses pouch. Featuring a snap top fastening to keep them safe and snug! Your boss will love it!

Personalised Journal customised-journal

Our Customised Photo Journal is not only a really useful gift idea for your boss, but it looks amazing too! Celebrate Boss’s Day by creating a beautiful personalised journal for your gaffer. Perfect for taking notes and jotting down ideas and important dates, design your boss’s journal with their favourite photos. prints or even fun memories from the office. Our journal features fine, ivory paper and metal corners, giving it a truly stunning and professional finish.

Customised Photo Mouse Mat customised-mouse-mat

Every one in an office needs a mouse mat. They really are office essentials. Why not treat your favourite boss to their very own personalised mouse mat? Fun to create and easy to design, the Bags of Love Customised Photo Mouse Mat is a real winner when it comes to gift ideas for the boss.

Customised Pencil Case fabric-pencil-case

A pencil case is kind of an old school gift idea, but a very useful one none the less! Perfect for your boss to keep their pens, pencils, elastic bands, snacks…whatever in! Our customised pencil case is made from a thick and protective neoprene fabric, so it will withstand lots of bumps and knocks. Design the sides of the pencil case with whatever images and text you want and we hand sew it all together just for you…and your boss!

Personalised iPad Wrap Case personalised-ipad-wrap-case

If you have the iPad boss (you know…loves smartphones, tablets, all that kind of stuff) then why not treat them to a stylish Customised iPad Wrap Case? Our iPad Wrap Cases are compatible with the iPad 2, 3 and 4. They snap on perfectly and give a lasting, protective finish. We wrap your chosen photo or design around the curve of the edges of the case, creating a stunning personalised finish. Your boss will love showing off their favourite memories while surfing the web or doing whatever it is people like to do on iPads!

We hope you (and your boss) like our gift ideas. And if all else fails, nothing says thanks like a big hug and a massive bar of chocolate! Happy Boss’s Day.

Bags of Love x

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