Made for me by Bags Of Love, my Italian Spinone suitcases are a travel essential, perfect for globetrotters & weekend trips away. Featuring TSA approved lock technology, 4 wheels for easy manoeuvre and printed with gorgeous photos of Italian Spinone, your cabin sized luggage suitcase will standout on the baggage claim carousel and turn heads on the 'runway'.

Perfect size for hand/carry on luggage

*Easy to identify at the airport
*4 wheel system with 360° mobility
*TSA approved lock for security
*3 year guarantee on print & product structure

Please note: This Italian Spinone suitcase fits most carry on cabin luggage sizes, but please check your airline for their latest dimensions as airlines do alter them from time to time, and one airline may be different to another. When your Spinone suitcase arrives there may be a layer of film on the back cover, which can be gently peeled off before you use your suitcase.

Lock Instructions

1. Press the tip of the pen provided into the hole on the left hand-side of the lock until you hear a click. (Make sure the combination is set to 000. You shouldn't need to push the pen in too far to hear the click)
2. Set your own combination by turning the dials
3. Push the release button on the right hand-side of the lock until you hear a click to confirm your new combination
Important: The keyhole is for a TSA scheme allowing customs to open your bag without damaging it. The combination lock uses the ends of the zips. The lock is set at the manufacturer to open at 000. You can set a new one using the instructions above.

The photograph print is vibrant and colours really 'pop'. The Perspex covering over the image adds that extra glossy effect.

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