Colour Creative Flip Flops

Product Information for Colour Creative Flip Flops

These unique Colour Creative Flip Flops are bright and colourful, soft and spongy, you can comfortably parade around the pool in style.

4 sizes: S, M, L, XL
Full colour permanent print
Soft plastic straps
Durable non-crumble foam
Soft, breathable fabric coating
Ridged sole for grip
Lightweight, easy to pack away
Perfect for swim lessons, weddings, events

How Your Colour Creative Flip Flops Will Feel
The Duchess Satin coating is extremely soft and has a luxurious satin feel. The sturdy foam base supports your feet across even rocky terrains, so when you feel like having a little explore, you can go straight from your sun lounger. Shaped to fit snug around your feet, the soft plastic straps feel smooth on your skin to prevent rubbing.

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth after use to keep your custom flip flops fresh. Do not wash or tumble dry.All my flip flops are handmade and personalised to order in London, UK. The Bags Of Love digital print process guarantees the image won’t fade or wear away, and by making everything by hand Bags Of Love ensure the finish meets their exceptionally high standards.

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