Cashmere You Can Print On

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Print any design, photo or image on real cashmere, straight from the Nepalese goat's chin. Seriously, we source it from the people in the Nepalese mountains, direct. This fine soft wool has been used for centuries to create blankets, scarves, summer jackets, jacket linings and cushions. Now yours to print too.

Printed Cashmere Features:

  • High-quality 80% cashmere, 20% silk
  • Cashmere printing for richer, durable colours
  • Versatile fabric, suitable for luxury scarf

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  • testimonials Great service, fast delivery and good quality printing!
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  • testimonials Great printing service. Very fast turn around and very good student discount. Will definitely use again. Thanks!
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  • testimonials stunning , love love love this gift highly recommend buying this for a gift or just treat urself
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High-Quality Cashmere

Our printed cashmere uses a special technique exclusive from Bags of Love to create deep, vibrant colours which last. Not 'modal' synthetic cashmere, this is real, high-quality woven cashmere with 80% content (20% silk) from Nepal. Feel the difference between your fingers and know the signs to look for with this luxury wool: non-stretch, thick, soft and light with superb heat retention. It's the perfect material for summer jackets, jacket linings, scarves, blankets and cushions. Please be advised that real cashmere is unsuitable for the washing machine and should always be taken to the dry cleaners!


Exceptional Colours

Among the many accomplishments of our time in the business (over 13 years!) we're proud to present this new addition to our range which uses our unique 'Lima' printing process to achieve vibrant colours that stand the test of time. Unleash your creativity and give your next piece that wow-factor with a world famous material that has amazed its wearers for centuries.


Historic Trade

Today, the north western region of South Asia known as Kashmir is world famous for its production of the finest goat's wool money can buy. Originally industrialised by the Persian Empire over 600 years ago, 'cashmere' as we know it today first grew to notoriety in Europe when it caused a sensation in Paris during the 18th Century. It is notable for its long, smooth, straight fibres that are removed with a comb from under the goat's chin before being spun into a filament suitable for weaving or knitting.


Care: Cashmere is a fine specialist fabric and needs to be well cared for. Dry clean only. Due to the print technique developed the cashmere is a little compressed when first produced - rather like a fine wool in a luxury tailored suit. It will relax and take on a even softer handle after a short time in use. Suitable for dry-cleaning only. Do not wash in washing machine. Do not iron.

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