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Viva La Reproduction – Pop Art Che As Christmas Gifts

photo canvas in Che style of a lovely couple with a bright blue, powerful background

A few facts about Che Guevara for the Pop Art photo canvas

Another of our unique Pop Art designs, perfect for a photo canvas is the Pop Art Che – inspired by the impressive and often used image of Che Guevara. Have you heard of him before? Do you know who he was and what he did to become such an iconic person?

Che Guevara, whose real name was Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, was not an artist himself, but a Latin American revolutionary, Marxist politician and author. In addition to Fidel Castro he was one of the most important people and leaders of the Cuban Revolution (1957-58). He organized the uprising of the peasants and miners against the military government in Bolivia and was also active in politics.

Even after his execution by the Bolivian army in 1967 his strong influence did not end; on the contrary, his writings and speeches and  the impression created by his personality still remain a massive influence for revolutionary movements (especially the student movements in the 1970s) all over the world.

The inspirational shot for our Pop Art Che photo canvas

One of the most famous photographic images is the photo of Che Guevara shot by Alberto Korda, slightly altered into a black print on a red background. This image went around the world and has been on many flags and posters ever since.

Highly inspired by this impressive print with its gaudy and powerful colours we decided to give you the chance to capture the attention and have your own photo printed as an impressive Pop Art photo in the style of Che on a photo canvas or any other photo gift like personalised cushions or other photo furnishings.

Unique Christmas Gifts with the Pop Art Che photo canvas

Our designers will use your photo and create a black and white layout with a background in one colour. Please let us know in case you have got a favourite colour (or a colour we should NOT use at all), otherwise we let our designers decide which colour fits best to your photo.
Trust me, they know their job and will choose wisely to create the best photo canvas for you.

Show off your good taste with your unique and exclusive Christmas gifts

Once you have your own Pop Art Che photo canvas, why not order some more for your friends and family as Christmas Gifts? They might have seen your photo canvas and have been impressed by it, so getting one for them is surely one of the best Christmas Gifts this Christmas. You’ve got the good taste and sense of art – spread the word, show it off to all your friends and family and create exclusive Christmas Gifts! Viva la Reproduction!

Man with and open shirt in black and white on a red deckchair

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