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Practical Pencil Case Box for Kids

If you are looking for a unique and practical present for your son or daughter’s birthday that is just around the corner, you might like to consider something very practical for use at school and at home! A personalised pencil case box, customised with your very own photos and/or text, will certainly be used every day in the classroom and (we hope!) back at home when your child is doing his or her homework. This is a very cool and stylish gift idea for children or for any adults who love their stationery that will come in so handy. Too often the pencil cases we see around are really bland and dull, but you can change that with a fabulous pencil case box for kids designed that you design.

Unique gift ideas for kids

There are so many effects to choose from, and the pencil case box is made from durable tin to give a chic and sleek finish. It fits comfortably in any rucksack or holdall for easy transportation, and will definitely be appreciated because we all need a pencil case to write things down throughout the day. The hinge lid is very solid and easy to use, and the personalised pencil case box works equally well in the office or in the classroom!

pencil case inside

Personalised Pencil case box

Why not get an elegant pencil case box for your husband or wife, too? All you need to do is select the photo you wish to be printed onto the lid, choose any text you would like to include as well, upload your design, and then wait for our expert designers to manufacture your unique present! The process couldn’t be simpler, and kids and adults alike will be totally chuffed with their new, practical gift.

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