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Photo Glass

Photo glass, images on glass, is one of our newest products that we are introducing to our Bags of Love line. This product is unusual, since we are sure that you probably have not seen a photo printed directly on glass, without a laminated print that is merely stuck onto a frame.  With the photo glass, we print your image directly on glass through a special process called dye sublimation. The end product is a quality vibrant 3D image printed on a glass stand, and image looks realistic since it is actually embedded in the glass. Forget about buying a picture frame since with the photo glass, the glass and the photo have now become one. A photo glass is a great personalised photo gift for a loved one or for yourself that will look good anywhere from the coffee table to on your desk at work. Our newest product, a photo glass, would make an unusual photo gift for any special event coming up, like a loved one’s birthday or maybe even for Father’s Day. The photo glass also comes in a super tough mail pack, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in the mail. For a long-lasting, creative gift, try a personalised photo glass as a gift for your loved one.

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