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Personalised Radiator Covers

Give life to your radiator!

Have you ever realised that all radiators look mind-numbingly boring? They add nothing to the décor of a room and are probably the ugliest items in your home. But with personalised radiator covers, you could transform this tedious contraption into a dazzling work of art!

Very practical

In a family home, these radiator covers can dramatically reduce the chance of a burn to your child, and, due to the padded fabric from which they are made, they also offer protection from bumps and bruises. There is a range of designs and effects to choose from; you could select an outline from our galleries or one of your very own pictures. Put your child’s name in cool letters and their favourite colour to liven up that dull radiator in their bedroom to create a genuinely personalised gift!

Personalised to your liking

Our covers are custom made to fit the exact size of your radiator, and can be removed for washing, transferred into different rooms of the house or replaced as the years go by with new printed designs. This is a fabulous way of adding some life to that dreary part of your room that is inexpensive and, above all, genuinely personal. A great gift for your own family or even for someone you know with small children, our radiator covers are simple but extremely effective.

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