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Personalised gifts for your best Halloween ever

Personalised Gifts for Trick or Treat on Halloween

Dark alleys, the moon is shining at its best, a few clouds on the sky, wavering fog and strange flickering lights to be seen everywhere, especially in the front of houses, windows and gardens. Eerie noises, screams and other ghastly sounds, in between a few high pitched laughing sounds. A glimpse of darkly dressed children, walking down the streets in black costumes, some of them wearing purple or orange hats…have I just seen vampire teeth and blood on one of their faces?? What is going on here?

Halloween surprises with your spookiest images

Have you ever heard of Halloween? I am sure you have. These days  it is actually quite impossible not to hear about it. In my opinion Halloween is a bit like Marmite, either you hate it or you love it. There’s no in between. The origins of Halloween go far back into time, but the word Halloween, which comes from All-Hallows-Even, was only first attested in the 16th century. Traditions and myths about Halloween include carved pumpkins turned into lanterns with faces, dressing up in scare outfits, decorating the house with spooky accessories and the tradition of trick or treat, where children go from house to house to ask for  some sweets, and if they don’t get anything they will  play a trick on them. So get ready with some sweets and personalised gifts or your well prepared and scary decoration!

Feeding mat for Halloween with picture and text

Personalised gifts for any occasion

A custom Banner with scary photos and a terrifying slogan as an invitation to your haunted house are perfect for decoration. Also, do not forget the feeding mats with your photo and text as a doormat for your front door….

Are you a very creative person and able to sew your children’s costumes on your own? Then get some fabric printed with your own images and even designs, fabric printing is just perfect for people who love to design their own things.

Order your personalised Gifts and get ready for Halloween! And if you make great pictures tonight – be sure to design some very cool and personalised Christmas presents with them…those Hallowen memories.

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