Our Duvet Covers in the upcoming edition of Big Brother – UK vs USA Celebrity!

duvet covers on Big Brother

Big brother duvets

We often get asked to make things for TV shows and set designs. From makeovers to period dramas or even London West End Theatre productions we are making clothing, drapes, curtains and products to match the required scenes.

Today we were seeing our duvet cover productions in the Daily Mail in a big splash about the new big brother house and series. We made all their duvets and pillow covers in custom matching sets for the custom interior set design of the new Big Brother show starting on Thursday night.

duvet covers on Big Brother
Personalised Duvet Cover in Big Brother’s bedroom – photo by

They needed custom sized and bespoke colour matched pieces, to get the look of the set just right. And they needed fabric that stays in good condition under the stress of studio production lights, and traffic, in addition to the regular stresses of the house occupants.

Nikki Grahame sitting on personalised duvet cover
Nikki Grahame and our personalised duvet covers – photo by

We look forward to meeting the occupants, and anticipate they will sleep well under our covers……. Or will they? Only time will tell, so watch the show and find out who’s who and what they get up to.

If you want to design your own duvet covers, you can do it online here and get them in 2 days.