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Turn Digital Photo and Illustrations Into A Laptop Case

Black and white graphic with skulls and graffiti writing

Here is another great example of a customised laptop case. Your drawing or digital photo, like this Graffiti like one, can be turned into a cool laptop case so that you can carry around your laptop in your very own designs. From a black and white illustration our in-house designer created this colourful laptop bag, actually turning the black into white and placing it on numerous colours for a cool effect.

If you are an illustrator who spends most of your time on your laptop creating artwork then why not cover your laptop in them! Or if you are a photographer then why not put your best digital photo on this laptop case? Who knows, you might even be spotted wandering down the street with your laptop bag and be offered a job. Carrying around your work is like being your very own walking CV! Don’t miss this opportunity to show the world your talent. Design a laptop bag today using digital photos or illustrations.

White graphic with skulls and graffiti writing and colours on a laptop bag

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