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Gift Ideas From Your Photos: Photo Boxes

Open photo box with blue lining and photo montage lid and sidesphoto montage box 2

Bags of Love’s photo boxes are great gift ideas on their own as well as they can accompany another gift you have already purchased. The elegant suede material on the inside of the box make this personalised box truly stunning and ideal gift ideas from your photos. A photo collage on photo boxes make perfect birthday and anniversary gifts as they are packed with memories.

Choose from pink, ivory, black or blue for the inside material and choose anything you want for the cover! A single photo, a photo collage, image or print can all go on this practical box which can be used as a keepsake box for photos, CD’s, gifts from your children, make-up and much more. The boxes come in three different sizes so depending on what you or the person you give it to need the box for, you can choose the right size.


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