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Gift Ideas: Blankets For Everyone!

 Dinosaur in clothing smoking a pipe on a blanket

There are endless possibilities to personalising our comfy fleece blankets. You can add your own prints, designs or photos to create one of a kind blanket for the home and on the go. The small blankets are great gift ideas if you are looking for baby gifts. Fill the 100 cm x 65 cm blanket with loads of baby photos for a baby’s 1st birthday. Or put a design of your choice on the small blanket like the 21st birthday gift above. The medium sized blanket is perfect for the lounging in the living room and the largest size fits perfectly on a double bed. They are great gift ideas for everyone, from babies to grandparents!

A photo montage blanket, see below, is a great way to store precious family memories, making it a memory blanket which can be passed on to following generations. Sort of like a family heirloom – in fleece! Impress guests by having a photo montage blanket on the sofa, featuring photos from your family’s latest holiday. Or create a blanket for the kid’s room with all their favourite cartoons. Choose from five colours for the reverse side or add photos there too for an additional cost. You can also add text, so these blankets are ideal gift ideas for mother’s and father’s day when you perhaps want to add a personal message.

Photo montage on a blanket

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