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12 Cliché Funny Mum Quotes for Mother’s Day

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Funny Mum Quotes to Share on Mother’s Day

Let’s face it, most of what we were told as children was a lie. Sayings were fabricated so we’d do as we were told and not put ourselves in harms way. It totally makes sense now, but we bet there’s Mums reading this who feel slightly embarrassed that they’ve repeated these to their own children (don’t be embarrassed, it’s physically proven we all turn into our parents). So as an ode to all mums on Mother’s Day, we thought it only right to reminisce over some of the best funny mum quotes we’ve all heard before.

From the plain nonsensical to the somewhat threatening, your mum’s shrill voice will probably come flooding back as you read our round up of classic mum phrases.

How to Reduce Funny Mum Quotes Symptoms

She might have said these silly things to you daily, but you can’t blame her. These funny mum quotes are built in to all mother’s DNA. No matter what they do, it’s inevitable. To tone down such classic phrases on Mother’s Day, we suggest a customised card, endless cups of tea and tasty treats on tap. Quantities will need to be tailored to the severity of her ‘Funny Mum Quote’ symptoms. If you don’t see results after one day, repeat for the next 365 days.

Even saying all this, would you ever change anything about your mum? We know we wouldn’t. Mums deserve to be treated everyday as well as Mother’s Day. So don’t wait until next year, design a special gift for your Mum any day with Bags of Love.

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