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Fathers Day Gifts To Match Your Dad’s Interests

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Match Your Dad’d Interests With Fathers Day Gifts

To get it right this Fathers Day why don’t buy fathers day gifts for your dad that match his interests. Maybe he loves to travel the world, but you can’t really afford to give him tickets for that, you can still make him gifts which incorporates his passion by using photos or choosing a symbolic gift. Or maybe he is a gadget lover who loves buying the latest and greatest in technology? Your purse might not have the funds for those sleek gadgets but you can get him fathers day gifts which can help him protect them properly. Whatever interests your dad has there are personalised gift ideas that will relate to them.

The Gadget Dad

For the man who is super dedicated to his work but also enjoy the latest in technology development for his spare time, gadgets are often a favourite. If your dad is always on his laptop, iPad or kindle – or all three of them! – make him personalised cases to keep the goods protected. The Kindle case is the latest addition to our range of gadgets cases, customised and fitted to perfectly fit the popular Kindle. Look out for more future gadget cases as technology evolves!

The Sporty Dad

Your dad might be a sporty dad, the one who does sports himself or prefers to watch it, either way there are fantastic fathers day gifts for the dad interested in sports. For the father who goes to the gym, plays football or any other sport give him personalised wash bags or hold all bags so that he can stay organised in style. For the dad who counts watching sport as a passion get him a personalised bean bag so that he can watch it all in 100% comfort.

The Artsy Dad

If your dad is into art, film and design you have a tremendous amount of fathers day gifts options. Artsy photos, images or graphics can be placed on any of our gift ideas so you really have a lot to chose from. Why not give him a wash bag with his favourite black and white photography, taken by a loved photographer, on it? Or make him part of the art himself by getting him portraits on canvas prints, perhaps in one of our Pop Art treatments? Or take images from his number one favourite film and place them on the quirky filmstrip montage on canvas?

The Garden Dad

Does your father take pride in his garden filled with flowers and vegetables? Or does he simply love spending time in the garden in the summer sitting down with a cold beer or feed the family by the barbeque? If your dad spends most of the summer months in the garden give him fathers day gifts for the garden. A photo calendar is splendid for his gardening, he’ll stay organised with it whilst enjoying a new photo each month. A deckchair is ideal for the dad who enjoys relaxing in the sun and for the barbeque master why don’t you get him a personalised banner praising him for his skills by the grill!

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