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Fathers Day Gifts: Photo Cubes

Photo cube showing three photos of a father and child on three sides in sepia

How To Give Dad Photos For Fathers Day

If you want to give your dad photos for Fathers day, but don’t really know how to give them and standard photo prints in an album just seem so dull, then photo cubes are ideal Fathers day gifts. Long gone are the days of simply having framed photo prints or a bunch of photos stuck in an album on display in your home. Well you can barely call it display! The framed photo prints are probably collecting dust high up on a shelf and the photo album might be at the bottom of a box in the attic. Photos of your dad and his family deserve to be displayed to the fullest and photo gift ideas are the way forward.

Display Photos To The Maximum

Photo prints was the rave 15 years ago but today they are rather old school. Open up your dad’s horizons when it comes to displaying photos to the maximum by giving him Fathers day gifts that bring photos to life. Back in the day you would huddle up together in front of small photo prints and you would flick through photo after photo telling friends or family about your amazing trip to Australia. The people looking at the photos would need 20/20 vision to catch every detail of your trip! Why not let people see those photos printed on massive wallpaper on the wall or on an apron whilst you make them dinner?

Photo Cubes Fathers Day Gifts

If you want to display a couple of photos at the same time in an original way you should go for photo cubes. The photo cubes allows you to display up to six photos on soft handmade cube! They are playful and modern gift ideas using your photos in a way your dad will never have seen before. You can choose six photos of you and your dad together, six photos of your dad to make him a self-indulgent like shrine or six photos of yourself as a reminder of his wonderful daughter. Have the six photos in colour, black and white or even sepia! The photo cubes start at 4″ and go up to 20″ so these Fathers day gifts make great new additions to the home decor and the larger photo cubes can even be used as a seat.

Two photo cubes with family photos and happy fathers day written on one of them


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