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Double The Fun: Baby Gifts For Twins

Pink changing mat with the name Ruby written all over it

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Baby Gifts For Twins

Buying the perfect baby gifts for parents and baby can be difficult enough as it is so when you need to buy baby gifts for twins you might be scratching your head endlessly. Do you buy the same gift for both of the babies or do you buy different gifts to encourage individuality? Do you buy different items for a boy and a girl? At the end of the day what you need to be looking for is personalised baby gifts which the parents will enjoy just as much as the babies. While you scratch your head let us remind you that you actually have a lot of options when it comes to buying baby gifts for twins. Instead of seeing it as double the stress see it as double the fun!

Baby Gifts By Bags of Love

 When you start browsing baby gifts by Bags of Love you’ll realise that you’ve worried for nothing. The ideal baby gifts for twins from our range are the changing mats as they come in a set of two. Twins are a lot of work so by having two changing mats mummy and daddy can change nappies at the same time. The changing mats are made from soft, warm printed fleece and a waterproof backing with a lovely ribbon edge. That means baby has something lovely and soft to lay on while you can be sure it won’t leak. This means the parents can change nappies basically anywhere! The sofa, the floor, the bed or even on the go. They are extremely flexible to carry around as they fold or roll neatly so are perfect for the handbag, nappy changing bag or to stick in the pushchair.

Personalising The Changing Mats

So how do you personalise these changing mat baby gifts for twins? Just like the baby sleeping bag and baby blanket you can personalise the changing mat with our exclusive personalised designs which features a baby pink or baby blue colour with the babies name scattered all over the mat. One baby blue mat and one baby pink mat is superb for a boy and a girl. You can also add photo montages to the baby gifts for twins. Select photos of each baby to make two separate montages for super individual changing mats.

Blue changing mat with James written all over it



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