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Custom Portrait On Photo Canvas

A cartoon image and a photo of a dog with a hat on

When you need to create a quirky and fun photo canvas, Bags Of Love can help you. We have plenty of fun photo treatments you can add to your photos and transform simple images into artwork. The custom portrait above is a smashing example! A funky photo can be turned into an even funkier photo canvas with the magic touch of our in-house artists. Look at the face of the dog and notice the attention to details on the left hand side which is the image our artists have created. The background can be left the same as in the original photo or swapped for something else, recommended by our artists or as a request by you.

Stripes, checks, polka dots, splash of colours, flower patterns or illustrations can make the impact of the custom portrait even greater. The results are truly stunning! For pet lovers, art lovers or just lovers, the custom portrait is a great product from our photo canvas range to use when you want to compose an interesting and eye-catching piece of wall art. Bring out the arist in you and take some creative snaps (dogs in hats for example) and browse the internet for spectacular prints to complete your work if art. Then send it off to Bags of Love and let the magic photo treatments begin in our studio. The finished results will be quirky photo canvas prints with a twist!

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