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Personalised Anniversary Cards

Couple on their wedding day on a greeting card

Sending greeting cards to thank or congratulate someone probably isn’t new to you. But sending personalised greeting cards probably is. If it feels like you send people the same old boring greeting cards over and over then put a stop to that why don’t you! You can personalise up to 40 greeting cards anyway you want to. You can do 20 identical Thank You cards or 20 totally different Thank You cards because you choose the image and text yourself.

You can also do 40 different personalised greeting cards, one for each occasion you know you’ll need a greeting card for. If you know you have a couple of 1st wedding anniversaries coming up, and as paper is the traditional 1st anniversary gifts theme – you should design some personalised cards wishing the couple a happy 1st anniversary. The card will complement anniversary gifts and by using photos from their big day, the cards will be completely personalised to them.

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