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Anniversary Gifts From The Heart

The giving of gifts is always a personal thing, choosing the right item that you know the recipient will appreciate. Buying anniversary gifts for your partner requires even more heartfelt gift choice and popular choices often include photographs of the two of you together, or updated images from your wedding or honeymoon. Thankfully, at Bags of Love we have an extensive collection of unique photo gifts that can be used in this very way and given as the perfect anniversary gifts.

A lot of our unique anniversary gifts, such as the photo cube, can include photographs and text or captions. You could print the date of your wedding and your names on one face of the cube and print five of your favourite wedding photographs on the remaining faces. Not only is this a great way to celebrate your anniversary with your partner and others but it is also a good way of updating and using your photographs.

Photo cubes aren’t the only unique anniversary gifts that we offer. Photo blocks are similar in a lot of respects to ordinary framed photographs except the image is printed directly onto the block, no frame is required and no glass needs to cover the photograph. Much lighter and safer, the photo block is another high quality method of printing or updating one or more of your favourite photographs. Perfect for honeymoon snaps!

Woman sitting on beach printed on a photo block

With all this talk about wedding photographs, why not update your wedding album? We can provide a personalised wedding photo album for you to mount your own images. The front cover is completely customised so that it can include the date and place of marriage, your own names, and a caption as well as a photograph.

Photo canvases, personalised cushions, and unique photo blankets are among the other options. If it’s high quality and a photograph can be printed on it, then Bags of Love probably offers it and all of our products are offered at competitive, affordable prices to ensure that you enjoy the best photo gifts at the best prices.

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