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18th Birthday Gifts

Gifts for special birthdays are even more special when you personalise them. Whether it’s starting of the teenage years, or celebrating a seventieth birthday with all your loved ones, either way we all love to look back over the years and remember those days we once looked so young and blissful. With Bags of Love, you can create the perfect coming of age gift which will make the occasion more special than ever.


At Bags of Love we have endless gift ideas for special birthdays. Personalised birthday gifts for him could be a stunningly sophisticated photo film montage to show them in a timeline, from early teenage years until now, or maybe defining a moment on a canvas. If you want something more fun and young you could turn his face into a pop art materpeice. Remember, they are kept forever, and looked back on in later years – making something truly memorable is the success of the perfect present.

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