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10 Tips When Buying Photo Gifts

When seeking a photo gift for someone you want to make sure you get the best quality at the right price and delivered to you on time. Here are some tips to do just that.

1. Make sure that the gift you buy is printed at the same place you buy it. Otherwise your photos will be swapping hands behind your back and the creative commons copyright won’t apply meaning any third party can do what they like with your digital  photos – sell them, post them on websites, alter them and so on.

2. Make sure your photo gift ideas you buy are made locally. Otherwise they get sent to third parties for production – often to low grade factory setup that can be dirty, illegal, employing immigrants illegally and not up to safety standards.

3. Make sure the materials are high grade. This is hard to do of course on line – but beware those that say Faux! That means fake and is sure to be cheap and nasty looking.

4. Make sure any textile photo gifts like canvas prints, photo bags and wall hangings are printed using dye sublimation. Otherwise it will be the plastic transfer process that cracks and does not last.

5. Only use photo sharing websites for photo sharing. Do not buy any photo gifts from them because they take too long and farm the production out to parties like in point to above. And they take forever – just try contacting them and see how long it takes! Their customer service call centres will not have a clue about the production process.

6. Only buy from someone who can deliver in a matter of days – not 1 month – that’s way too long and means your goods are being assembled by third parties.

7. Only buy from companies where they have real art workers doing the photo artworking. Too many suppliers think that an automated web browser action will make your digital photos beautiful. It won’t. They could be off centre, have blemishes still and reduced in quality instead of being enhanced by real human work.

8. Make sure you ring the company first – no telephone number is a bad sign. It means they don’t care and don’t have enough staff. If you can talk to them ask them the killer questions: Who makes my product, Who does the artwork and How long will it take? The best answers are We make it right here on our premises. We do the artwork by hand. It takes from 1-3 days.

9. Check the guarantee offered on your personalised photo gifts – you should get a minimum of 1 year guarantee – many of our products havde 2 years guarantees and some have lifetime guarantees.

10 Make sure they despatch with secure delivery. Too often good get lost in post as they are not sent using trackable services. That means there could be a row about whether you received it or not and at the best case you will have to wait all over again for a remake.

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